Outdoor events, from food festivals to farm shows, open-air exhibitions and fairs, come with a unique set of logistical challenges – even without unpredictable weather! At Oaks, we can support you in pulling off an amazing event, come rain or shine.


Outdoor exhibition stands

Outdoor pitches come in all shapes and sizes – you could be working out how to make everything look amazing in a tiny stand, or working out décor ideas for a sprawling space. Either way, it’s got to draw people in, keep them around for a while, and ensure they leave with the desire to point everyone else your way.
At Oaks, we’ve built bars, shops, cafés, vehicle displays and much, much more for clients heading into the great outdoors for their next event. We provide everything you need to make your stand a success, too, such as lights, print, point-of-sale displays and furniture.

Events management from Oaks Exhibitions

We’ve got the experience to take you through the entire process of planning and setting up for your event, if you need it – from original design concepts to building the final stand by hand, delivering it to your event and getting everything read for you, we’re there. No matter how challenging the site, or the weather, we always make it happen.
And because we operate our own bespoke exhibition stand manufacturing workshop, we never promise something that we can’t deliver – and we can deliver just about anything! We’ve created some huge stands over the years, both indoors and out, with some outlandish features.
Just take a look at our recent case study for Warner’s Gin – a fully working bar, complete with extensive seating, greenery, and a full-size tractor!

Our Portfolio

Take a look at just a handful of the outdoor event stands we’ve made for our clients in the past below. You can also view more in our gallery.

Get Started

Whether you have a design spec together already, or would like our help in designing a concept, we’re here to help – as events experts, our role in the management of your exhibition project can be as hands-on or off as you need. Learn more about how we put your stand together, or get in touch today if you have any questions.